Hi, my name is Amanda Wilder. I am an artist, birth doula, and self directed learning advocate and facilitator residing on Narragansett territory in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. 

As an artist I work in the mediums of film and poetry. I make poetic documentaries and documentary poems, or, films about the world that are impressionistic and poems about real things. 

As a birth doula I am there for birthing people to help them feel centered and empowered as they navigate the beautiful and at times rocky waters into and through the early days of parenthood. 

As a self directed learning advocate and facilitator I am, as A.S. Neill put it, “on the side of the child” in a world that so often is not, and see and treat children as people. All my work with and for children, whether at democratic free schools, junk playgrounds or unschooling communities, flows from these ideas. 

I am also building out a short school bus that I use to explore the Americas and incite encounters with other people and the rest of the world.